15 Insightful Facebook Advertising Statistics [2020]

Let’s face it:
Facebook is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the social media world.
That’s why marketers and businesses have embraced Facebook advertising with open arms in recent years.
But other than the sheer number of users, what makes Facebook such a magnet for marketers?
To help us answer this question as thoroughly as possible, we decided to gather the latest Facebook advertising statistics.  These mind-blowing stats and facts will completely change the way you think about the world’s largest social media network and marketing campaigns. 
But before we dive in, let’s check out a few:

Astonishing Facebook Ad Statistics

  • 96% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices.
  • The fastest-growing group of Facebook users are seniors.
  • The average time spent by users on Facebook is 38 minutes.
  • 80.4% of social referral share to ecommerce websites in the US comes from Facebook.
  • Facebook accounts for 40% of annual digital display advertising revenue.
1. Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users.

(Source: Facebook)
One of the most insightful Facebook advertising statistics for 2019 is simply the fact that Facebook sees around 2.41 billion monthly active users. This means that almost a third of the entire world population uses Facebook on a regular basis. This is one of the main reasons why top Facebook advertisers rely on Facebook as one of their main platforms for advertising their companies, services, and products.

2. Ad impressions have increased by 33% in a single quarter.

(Source: Facebook)
Considering how many FB users in the world there are, it should come as no surprise that ad impressions can see drastic increases over a short period of time. In Q2 of 2019, Facebook’s ad impressions increased by a staggering one-third – and that’s just in the space of three months. This results in a high Facebook advertising ROI purely because of the number of people that your advert reaches.

3. The average time spent by users on Facebook is 38 minutes.

(Source: eMarketer)
This is one of the most surprising Facebook statistics you’ll see. Most people don’t realize just how much time they spend on Facebook. And an average of 38 minutes is enough to read hundreds of posts or even watch several videos. This is great to know if you’re planning on introducing Facebook video advertising and want to know how long or short videos should be in order to attract a wider audience and keep their attention.

4. Organic posts reach just 5.5% of page followers.

(Source: Statista)
Even with high impression rates, many Facebook advertisers understand the difficulty of encouraging engagement and reaching their audience via organic marketing means. Even the top Facebook advertisers have trouble increasing their visibility by a few small percentages. 
Thankfully, there are plenty of unique tools such as Stories, groups, and Messenger that can help increase your visibility even as a smaller brand. It requires more creativity, but it can be a fantastic way to increase visibility of organic posts.

5. Just 10.1% of Facebook users are in North America.

(Source: Facebook)
According to Facebook group stats, only one-tenth of Facebook users are in the US and Canada. This seems rather low, but it goes to show how diverse the Facebook user base is. This means it’s completely possible to use Facebook sponsored content to target audiences in different countries with different languages, which is perfect for multicultural companies or internationally recognized businesses. Despite that, this still accounts for over 241 million users, which is an incredible number.

6. 68% of the US population uses Facebook.

(Source: Pew Research Center)
The average Facebook ad conversion rate is always much higher in the United States compared to other countries given the incredible number of users across the country coupled with their high average income levels. This makes the US a prime market when it comes to advertising on Facebook. This accounts for roughly 217 million users across the entirety of the United States.

7. Facebook accounts for 40% of annual digital display advertising revenue.

(Source: Pew Research Center)
Facebook user statistics show just how dominant Facebook is as an advertising platform. The company accounts for 40% of annual digital display advertising revenue with Google coming in second with just 12%. In terms of mobile ads, Facebook gets more than half of all the revenue, with a 58% share.

8. The largest age and gender category of Facebook users is females aged 25-34.

(Source: Statista)
Understanding Facebook business statistics is important to help you target the right demographics. According to Statista, the largest age and gender category of Facebook users is females aged 25-34. This is excellent to know, as it could change the type of audience you wish to target with your products. You can modify the types of Facebook ads you use to appeal to this specific demographic if you want to see higher Facebook ad revenue per user.

9. The fastest-growing group of Facebook users are seniors.

(Source: eMarketer)
Facebook traffic statistics have shown that the fastest-growing group of Facebook users are seniors. This is likely because the people who used Facebook since the beginning are gradually getting older, raising the average level of Facebook users. 
It has also become more accessible thanks to larger and more affordable devices, together with courses and lessons designed to introduce technology to seniors. This means that the number of Facebook advertisers aiming for senior audiences will steadily grow. It’s something you could take advantage of.

10. The average price for an ad on Facebook has decreased by 4%.

(Source: Facebook)
Brands that advertise on Facebook are currently taking advantage of reduced ad prices that offer slightly better return on your investments. This trend has continued from Q2 2019, and Facebook marketing statistics have shown that this has brought more advertisers to the platform, lowering the barrier of entry and offering slightly better value for smaller businesses with a limited budget.

11. 15% of Facebook users in the US use it for shopping, according to Facebook advertising statistics.

(Source: eMarketer)
A lot of Facebook advertising spend is focused on outright selling products to Facebook users through their built-in systems. While this isn’t a very popular feature, it’s slowly growing in terms of use and will see more adoption in the near future when more advertisers and Facebook small businesses take advantage of its features.

12. 80.4% of social referral share to ecommerce websites in the US comes from Facebook.

(Source: eMarketer)
Facebook currently has a staggering social referral share the US. Instagram comes in second with just 10.7%. While a lot of Facebook advertising revenue comes from larger businesses and corporations, many smaller businesses and ecommerce startups are starting to take advantage of the platform by incorporating social media and influencer marketing.

13. 96% of Facebook users access it via mobile devices.

(Source: Statista)
One of the most important Facebook ad stats to learn is that the vast majority of Facebook users access the platform via mobile. This is incredibly important because it shows just how many people see the “mobile” version of your Facebook page and websites. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile, then you’re going to suffer because you’re not giving those users a good experience.

14. Mobile users account for 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, Facebook advertising stats reveal.

(Source: Facebook)
Given that 96% of Facebook users access the platform on mobile devices, it’s no surprise they also account for the majority of their advertising revenue. Facebook advertising revenue from mobile has increased by roughly 3% from the same time last year, pointing to an upward trend in the importance of appealing to mobile users.

15. The top Facebook advertising spender is Comcast Corp at $5.75 billion.

(Source: Neil Patel)
Ever wondered who spends the most on Facebook ads? Currently, that title goes to Comcast, which spends around 6% of its entire yearly revenue (or 49% of its net income) on advertising on Facebook alone. 
Let that value sink in for a moment–it’s an incredible sum of money! Even major corporations need to spend ludicrous amounts of money on Facebook advertising to get the most out of it, meaning that you also need to pour in a large percentage of your business’s revenue as well.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our Facebook advertising statistics have shown what’s possible if you pivot your marketing strategy. By taking advantage of the latest  trends, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your ideal demographic and taking your business to the next level.
Of course:
It’s also important to implement them by carefully considering what the Facebook ad statistics are saying. This could be a sign to change your target demographic, or it could be telling you that you need to develop new types of content to advertise your company.
Bottom line:
We hope that these insightful Facebook advertising stats can serve as a guide to help you make better marketing and promotion decisions in the future. Remember that Facebook is one of the most influential digital platforms around and mastering it should be a priority.

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