14 Facebook Messenger Statistics that Will Rock Your World

If you are a professional marketer but aren’t excited about Facebook Messenger, where have you been? 
Facebook Messenger is a gift to advertisers all over the world. It combines high engagement with an enormous customer base. No wonder Facebook is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. 
The reason the social media giant’s messenger service is so successful is the way it links to the regular Facebook platform. Users can share a popular post, send private photos and videos, and even chat in real-time, like on Skype. 
The following Facebook Messenger statistics are an insight into just how important the platform has become. 
Are you intrigued? Do you want to know more about what makes Facebook Messenger so great? 
If so, then check out the following. 

Astonishing Facebook Messenger Stats 

  • 139.1 million people use Facebook instant messenger in the US.
  • Facebook Messenger has 116% more active monthly users than its nearest rival, SnapChat.
  • Facebook Messenger can help reduce lead acquisition costs by between 30 and 50X.
  • Three million businesses currently operate on Facebook.
  • Facebook Messenger adds two-thirds of a million users per day globally.
  • Facebook will soon merge with Instagram’s messaging feature, home to one billion unique users.

General Facebook Messenger Statistics

Now that we’ve piqued your interesting, let’s look at each vital statistics in greater depth.

1. 139.1 million people use Facebook Messenger in the US alone.

The Facebook growth chart is off the scales. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself on Statista. 
The figures reveal that more than nearly 140 million people in the US used Facebook Messenger last year
Statista predicts that by 2021, more than 2.48 billion people will be on the app, up from just under 2 billion today. 
What’s more, all those users are pretty active, too, as the following statistic shows: 

2. Facebook Messenger users send businesses more than 8 billion messages per day.


Facebook post statistics for its messaging app are quite extraordinary. Not only does the app host hundreds of billions of messages between users, but also a stunning eight billion between users and businesses

The reason for all this activity? Customers want to deal with companies via social media instead of over the phone as Facebook user demographics change. 
It’s one of the most impressive Facebook messenger chat statistics for marketers. 
It’s nothing, though, compared to the following Facebook traffic statistics:

3. Facebook Messenger has 116% more monthly active users than its nearest rival.

Who comes out on top in the following line-up: Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp? 
You guessed it: 
It’s Facebook Messenger, and by quite a distance. 
Whatsapp has an impressive 22.25 million unique monthly users – not bad at all. 
Facebook Messenger, however, utterly dominates it, with more than 104.9 million people according to Facebook messenger usage statistics. 
Just consider what that number means for a second. It implies that nearly a third of all the people living in the US log onto and use Facebook messenger every month. That has to be one of the most compelling Messenger stats we’ve ever seen.
Part of the reason for this success has to do with things like FB message explorer and other tools that offer a more user-friendly experience. 
Why else has the platform been so successful? How about the fact that: 

4. There are 1.4 million Messenger kids users. 

(Mobile Monkey)
Facebook usage statistics reveal that there are around 1.4 million Messenger kids users. While that might not sound like a considerable amount compared to some of the numbers above, it’s still important in the world of Facebook marketing statistics.
Kids are the future. So marketers who want to get the next generation interested in their brand should do whatever they can to attract this demographic. 
Is Facebook Messenger social media? The answer is yes, and here’s why: 

5. Users send more than 17 billion photos every month on Facebook Messenger.

If you’re looking for Facebook Messenger Statistics in 2019, here’s one for the books: 
Users send more than 17 billion photos every month on Facebook Messenger
That’s the equivalent of every person on earth sending two photos over the app every 30 days. 
In the battle of Facebook vs Facebook Messenger, Facebook proper still wins for photos, but its app upstart rival is certainly giving it a run for its money. 
Take a look at the following Facebook shopping stats:

6. Facebook Messenger Ads reduce the cost per lead 30 to 50 times.

(Mobile Monkey)
Of all the Facebook Messenger facts, this is probably the most startling. 
Facebook Messenger marketing statistics for 2019 suggest that the app can slash cost per lead by 30 to 50 times, helping to supercharge conventional ad campaigns. 
Of all the messaging apps in the world, Facebook Messenger has the broadest reach, the most users, and, importantly, access to Facebook users stats. It is, therefore, one of the most powerful tools for marketers on the internet. 
And here’s the kicker: 

7. Messenger adds more than 666,000 new users per day. 

(Inc. Magazine)
Any social media growth chart you look at is impressive, but the figures for Messenger are off the charts. 
Facebook business statistics reveal that the app adds 100 million new users worldwide every five to six months. Facebook marketing stats also show that there were 1 billion global users in July 2016, rising to 1.2 billion by April 2017 and 1.3 billion in September that year. 
Facebook is also working hard to increase the availability of its services across a range of platforms, including iOS FB messenger. 
People aren’t just using the app for texting either, as the following stat proves: 

8. Facebook Messenger hosts more than 17 billion real-time video chats per year.

(Inc. Magazine)
Facebook video statistics are off the charts. The company estimates that people use the platform to make more than 17 billion real-time video calls per year, a number that is in keeping with Facebook live stats. 
How much data does Facebook Messenger use per message? It depends, but it’s usually between 10 and 20 kilobytes per text.
Video messages are much larger, between 1 and 5 megabytes per minute. Even so, this mode of communication is taking off in a big way. 
What’s more, Facebook Messenger stats indicate that: 

9. 1.5 billion games have been played on Messenger.

(Digital Trends)
Messenger isn’t just a messaging platform; it’s also a gaming platform. 
Facebook Messenger games statistics from David Marcus (Facebook Messenger’s manager) show that users played more than 1.5 billion games on the platform during the year, many of them turn-based. 
Facebook Messenger bot store statistics are equally impressive, with more than 100,000 developers already signed onto the network’s platform. 

Facebook vs Instagram Stats

Here’s how Facebook Messenger squares up to Instagram:

10. Users send six times more photos on Messenger than on Instagram.

If you enjoy Facebook interesting facts, you’ll love this one: 
Users send way more photos on Facebook Messenger than on Instagram. 
Wait a second? Isn’t Instagram supposed to be the photo-sharing platform? 
Not according to this Facebook stats app. 
Moving on:

11. 1 billion people use Instagram’s Messaging feature, but soon Facebook will merge it with Messenger.

Facebook owns Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The company is now in the process of merging all of them into a single platform. Facebook user messenger data will, therefore, be available through each. 
Marketers should take note, as this may affect Facebook advertising ROI statistics. With more users on the platform, the opportunities to market to your particular niche will increase dramatically. 
Here’s another incredible fact: 

12. Messenger users start more than 260 million new conversations on the platform every day.

(Mobile Monkey)
Marketers should take note of this fact, especially those who want to know how to access Facebook Messenger statistics: 
After all, Messenger users start more than 260 million conversations per day
And they’re not just talking to each other either: 
They’re talking to businesses too.
If you sell anything, you want to be a part of those conversations. The fact that you can search Facebook messages helps tremendously, allowing you to respond to customers and call up prior chats. 
Don’t forget, you’re up against the competition, as the following stat makes clear:

13. 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook ads statistics reveal that there are more than three million businesses that advertise on its platform. 
If you look at a Facebook user growth chart, it’s not hard to see why the numbers are so high. The popularity of the world’s favorite social media network has exploded over the last ten years
That being said, Facebook advertising statistics, are also a warning to advertisers. Facebook is now a bustling marketplace, meaning that it’s easier than ever to get buried. 
How to get to the top of Facebook messages? The only way to do it is by using all the tools available to you. Only posting content on your wall is not sufficient. 

14. There are 300,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger, and the number is rising.

Forget Facebook Messenger personal statistics: 
Chatbots are the biggest news on the platform right now. 
300,000 business bots are already chatting to customers on the social media network, with thousands more added every week. 

Wrapping Up

Is this the most terrifying of all Facebook Messenger statistics? We’ll leave that for you to decide. 
In summary, Facebook Messenger is a powerful advertising tool, which is still growing in popularity.


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