10 Staggering Facebook Video Statistics in 2020

Facebook is statistically one of the largest and most successful social media platforms around. But did you know that it’s also one of the world’s largest video content platforms as well? 
In fact, the latest stats and facts show many staggering revelations that may change the way you approach Facebook marketing.
So, to help you out, we’ve put together 10 of the biggest Facebook video statistics that you should keep in mind when you plan your next promotional campaign. If you don’t already care about the topic, you’ll change your mind after reading through this article! 
Let’s dive right in with some:

Fascinating Facebook Video Stats

  • Mobile-first video accounts for over 50% of Facebook’s video revenue.
  • The most appropriate length for a Facebook marketing video is under 1 minute.
  • Only 15% of Facebook video viewers watch with sound enabled.
  • With the overwhelming number of mobile Facebook users, vertical videos are becoming increasingly popular and reaching more viewers.

Facebook Video Statistics 2019

Let’s find out how popular Facebook video is at the moment.

1. Over half a billion people watch Facebook videos every day.

(Source: Forbes)
With billions of users across the world and plenty of video content uploaders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are over half a billion people tuning in to Facebook videos every day. Even scrolling through your timeline now, you’ll likely see dozens of video posts that range from small funny clips to long and informative videos. 
Taking advantage of advertising opportunities on Facebook is easy thanks to Facebook’s mobile ad revenue and you can easily incorporate your video advertisement into someone’s Facebook browsing experience without seeming too out of place.

2. 60% of Americans who watch videos online use Facebook.

(Source: eMarketer)
Facebook manages to capture the attention of nearly two-thirds of all Americans who watch videos online. This has made Facebook video advertising an incredibly lucrative endeavor, especially if you’re looking to quickly and effectively grow your brand. 
The thing is, a small 5-second clip is usually enough to grab the audience’s attention (as long as you’re being creative or making branded videos to stand out), making it a worthwhile investment to consider even if your content doesn’t really support Facebook video.

3. The average rate of engagement for Facebook video posts is 6.13%.

(Source: Hootsuite)
When you first see these Facebook live statistics that involve video engagement rate, you might initially think that 6.13% is low. After all, if such a small percentage of people who see your ad are actually interacting with it or visiting your website, it can feel a bit disappointing. 
However, when you consider that average engagement rate overall is just 3.6%, it makes you realize that videos are twice as likely to get someone to engage with your ad. Once you learn how to see views on Facebook videos and compare it to the amount of engagement you’re getting, you’ll notice the figure is quite significant and is a strong motivator to add more video content into your promotional campaigns.

4. The ideal Facebook video ad length is between 45 seconds and a minute.

(Source: Hubspot)
The length of a video is arguably one of its most important factors. It’s important to pay attention to how people react to your video and also to examine live statistics to see just how many people watch it the whole way through and who skips it. 
You’ll find that a minute is considered the upper limit for a Facebook video ad. Anything less and it’s forgettable, but anything more and people simply won’t watch it. It’s a good idea to monitor Facebook video marketing statistics to see what works best for your type of ads and your intended audience. 

5. The first three seconds are the most important of any Facebook video.

(Source: Facebook)
A combined study revealed that the first 3 seconds of a video typically generated around 47% of its value. What’s more, 74% of the value is generated by those who watch it for less than 10 seconds. 
Clearly, first impressions count when it comes to Facebook videos, even if you’re using Facebook Live videos to broadcast something. If people click on it and don’t enjoy it within the first few seconds, then it can feel really dull, bland, and boring.

6. 85% of Facebook videos are watched with no sound.

(Source: Digiday)
This was an incredibly interesting statistic to discover. Around 85% of all videos watched on Facebook are muted. This is because a lot of people don’t wear headphones or prefer to keep things quiet, especially if video autoplay is turned on. 
This can affect factors such as Facebook video ad revenue, but the goal should be to pivot around this and continue creating video content that appeals to people who listen without sound. The most common workaround is to add subtitles, but even then, it can feel a bit disconnected. 

7. The majority of Facebook users watch video on their mobile.

Another example of interesting Facebook video stats for 2019 is that the majority of Facebook users actually watch Facebook videos from a mobile device. This could explain the reason for muting, as they don’t want sounds to play through their phone speakers in a public space and they might not be wearing their headphones. 
Now, there could be a lot of other reasons, such as the fact that 96% of users access Facebook on their mobile phone. This teaches us that video advertisements need to be optimized for their platforms and you absolutely need to focus on creating video content that is adapted for mobile phones. 
Key takeaway:
Whether it’s adding subtitles or having a short and clear message from the video, it’s vital that you remember that the majority of Facebook users access it on mobile.

8. Vertical videos are growing in popularity.

(Source: Animaker)
One of the quirks about the total Facebook video views count is that it doesn’t separate watches from mobile devices or PC. What’s more, it doesn’t add further information such as where the content watched from. As such, it’s rather difficult to tell how many people use vertical orientation and how many always switch to landscape before a video. 
With the busy lifestyles of today, it’s become more important to create vertically-oriented videos for a number of different reasons. Most people use Facebook in portrait mode on their phones, so having to switch constantly can get annoying. This is especially true if you look at the average hours of Facebook videos watched every day where most people watch it when they’re commuting or out in public. 
By making your videos compatible with mobile devices in portrait mode, you’ll draw in a much wider audience and get even more people interested.

9. Branded Facebook videos offer huge advertising gains.

(Source: Tubular Insights)
It should come as no surprise that Facebook video ad revenue is through the roof, especially with the insane amount of engagement branded videos are getting. This is because large corporations have plenty of money to spend on advertising on Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media platforms with billions of monthly users. 
And that’s not all:
Sponsored content is seeing huge increases thanks to the realization that Facebook video is an incredibly lucrative way to advertise your products and services. It’ll become even more important to utilize this fact in the future, especially as you gain more capital and can spend more on advertising.

10. Images are behind Facebook videos in terms of organic traffic.

(Source: Buffer)
Lastly, another interesting Facebook video views statistics is that images are starting to fall behind in terms of their effectiveness at creating organic traffic. Video content is king and seems to be unbeatable even by images that have historically been a reliable advertising option. 
So, it’s incredibly important that you take advantage of Facebook videos as soon as possible before more and more companies swarm in and take over all of the cheaper options, creating a monopoly that is difficult to overcome.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has been useful in showing you the importance of Facebook video statistics and the differences they can have on your marketing strategy. With the right approach, you could learn a lot from these statistics, giving you a better chance to expose your business to a wider audience. 
While stats can be a wonderful way to grow your brand, you also need to remember that trends can change very quickly and suddenly. And if you’re looking at outdated or incorrect Facebook video statistics, you could end up making some very poor decisions. This is why it’s always important to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.
With that said, these stats and facts are a great starting point to help you learn about the advantages of video advertising and how you can take advantage of it.


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