10 Social Media Video Statistics to Knock Your Socks off

We all know that one-third of the planet is now influenced in some way, shape, or form by social media. Over the years, it has captured our attention in many ways, but none more prominent than by showing us videos. 
The thing is:
Social media video statistics should be monitored quite closely by entrepreneurs and businesses alike.
What’s more:
Social media video stats are nowadays one of the best things available to help see what is carrying the most influence and with what audience. Every business should keep an eye on the latest trends. 
And with the ever-growing rate of influence, there is just now telling how important these stats and facts could be to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Incredible Social Media Stats 2019  (Editor’s Choice)

  • 85% of all US internet users watched videos via social media over all devices.
  • 80% of consumers think demonstration videos are helpful.
  • 23% of Marketers who do not use social media video say they have no time.
  • Video marketing has shown to increase organic traffic searches by over 150%.
    Have we piqued your interest? If that’s the case, let’s look at each important stat in greater detail.

Social Media Video Statistics 2019

1. 23% of marketers who do not use social media video say they have no time.


Nearly a quarter of people who don’t utilize videos on social media say that it’s all down to having no time to produce the videos. While this is understandable, business nowadays is a cut-throat place to be. 
So, not doing something due to time constraints could actually be the downfall for a business. Video statistics clearly show that the benefits of using video in your marketing campaign can really give an overnight boost to a company.
Now, it might be a good idea for those who don’t have time to start looking to employ the services of somebody who can offer this service. Quite often, it’s easy to get hold of somebody that will be looking to gain experience in video production, and they will probably help out for free. 

2. Video marketing has shown to increase organic traffic searches by over 150%.

(Infographic Journal)

We all know there are unlimited and unknown complications in the Google algorithm, but one thing that has become apparent is the algorithm seems to really like video content. According to the latest social media video statistics, over 74% of all online traffic came from video influence in 2017.  

3. 85% of all American internet users watched videos via social media over all devices.


When we examine online video consumption statistics, we can clearly see that a lot of people spend a great deal of time watching video content online via their digital devices. 
Now, these figures may seem quite large, but when we look at the fact that it matters not what social media platform you are on. In fact, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a video within 20 seconds, the stats should not come as a surprise. 

4. Almost 50% of people use a product video before making a purchase.

(Think with Google)

While the internet has given us the ability to buy blind, this has come with many issues. Unfortunately, there are tons of websites out there that misrepresent their products in the description, and this has led to a lot of understandably mistrusting customers. 
As a business, this could be one of the best advertising channels you could wish for. Video marketing on social media statistics show that people will often interact with advertising videos. Something as simple as this has been able to bring word of mouth to life once more.

(Think With Google)  

When looking closely at online video consumption statistics over the last few years, we have seen a rise in the number of people that sit down to watch social media videos. 
One of the most popular sources of video in social media is, of course, YouTube. Youtube has always been incredibly popular. But over the last 5 years, it has really found its feet when it comes to providing a platform for businesses to display their services without using any of the paid advertising options. 
Businesses can now take advantage of this, as people are sitting down during prime time hours to scour YouTube for entertaining and informative content.

6. Social media users retain 95% of the information they see in a video, social media video statistics reveal.


When skim reading a magazine or a website, most people are very unlikely to be able to digest everything that is in front of them. This isn’t a bad thing; unfortunately, it’s human nature and just the way we are programmed.
Fortunately for businesses, there is a way to create content and enable people to absorb as much of the content as humanly possible. The way to do this is, of course, video. When we compare text to video, we see that only 10% of text information is retained, in comparison to 90% with video content.
These figures make it plain to see that it’s no wonder many companies swear by social media video marketing ROI and just how much it benefits their business.

7. 60% of people prefer online platforms to TV.

(Think With Google) 

Online platforms have now been able to provide us with flexibility that isn’t feasible when it comes to television, and video content growth statistics are really showing us that this figure is climbing quickly. 
Nowadays, people want more than just an option to watch TV shows, and we can see from Snapchat and Instagram video statistics that more and more people are just heading to social media to watch whatever is available on their feed. 

8. 80% of consumers think demonstration videos are helpful.


When it comes to social video advertising, it seems that going to the very core of your business could, in fact, be the best way to reach people successfully. 
While most people would consider placing a direct advertisement for their business online, this can sometimes be less beneficial than offering something for free to show that you and your business know what you’re doing.
The best way to do this is by simply showcasing your skills with a series of how-to videos. If you provide the public with demonstration videos of how you operate within your company, you will find that you open your business up to a whole new range of consumers.

9. 85% of the videos watched on Facebook are watched without sound on.

(American Press Institute) 

According to Facebook video statistics, the vast majority of all videos watched on Facebook are watched muted. So, if you try to create an advertising campaign on Facebook, perhaps silence truly is golden?

10. According to social media video stats, 80% of consumers prefer live content.


Nowadays, consumers would much rather watch live content from a company rather than read a blog post. This could be down to how easy it easy to digest visual information, alternatively, it could just be easier for a society that is becoming ever more busy.

Let’s Wrap it up

Whether you are a lover of social media video or not, it’s not difficult to see just how influential it is.
What’s more: 
It’s probably just as easy to predict just how prominent it will become over the coming years.
Whether you are a watcher or producer of tutorials, live video content, or social media advertisements, our social media video statistics  are sure to open your eyes to some new information and even offer a few opportunities. 


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